These photos are not simple images. Instead, they are generated to scale with the functionality to measure width, length, volume, and more. Through remote sensing, the data collected is adjusted with factors in mind such as distortion, camera inefficiencies, etc.

3D Modeling

With terrain data provided from satellites, a digital elevation model (DEM) is created to accurately represent your property. Using our software, you are able to inspect the area from a variety of angles as well as measure distances.

Plant Health

Light-sensing NVDI technology allows companies like us provide you with insight into the health of plants in a given area. The vegetation reflects certain light depending on its well-being, and the software is able to capture and relay that information in an easy-to-understand visual representation.

Topography / Elevation

By measuring varying depth of each point of data, the software distills elevation information in a visually compelling manner. Adjust range, switch to gray scale, or even look at variable intensity.